A culinary adventure to …

Haute Savoie, France

July 14th – July 22nd 2017

9 days, 8 nights.

Join us on an exciting food adventure in the beautiful mountainous region of Haute Savoie.  With picturesque Lake Geneva and dramatic Alps rising from green pastures, this is the source of France’s  fresh mountain waters including world famous Evian.  Click here for full itinerary.

The local cow breed Abondance known for its excellent buttery cheese bearing the same name and its “sunglasses” look

It is also one of France’s best regions for cheese. We will visit cheesemakers to watch and learn how they make Reblochon, Abondance, and La Tomme de Savoie, as well as meet their specialized herd of cows and taste cheese of course!

A stop at the boucherie/charcuterie will show us the traditional craft of making delicious sauccison sec (cured and dried sausages), jambon cru (similar to prosciutto), as well as a plethora of pâtés, terrines, and other meat delicacies.

French bakers have been refining their craft over the centuries and we will watch as they explain their special flour mixes, long fermentation, and age old techniques of mixing, shaping, and baking.

Le Founil du Chablais Boulangerie gives us tour and shows off a dozen different crusty loaves.

Wine is an important part of everyday life and we will travel up the lake to the beautiful terraced vineyards of the Lavaux region in Switzerland.  In this Unesco World Heritage Site the beautiful vineyards produce small batches of delicious wines of exceptional quality that you have probably never heard of because they are almost all consumed within Switzerland.  The Chasselas grape produces a crisp, dry, easy drinking mineraly white wine.  We will walk along the hiking paths through the terraces overlooking Lake Geneva as we sample these hard to find wines.

We will also tour a French market, visit a duck Foie Gras producer (optional), and experience French culture by sipping a strong coffee in a café while talking and people watching.

assiette de fromage- cheese board at french farmhouse
Assiette de fromage- cheese board at french farmhouse


All tours will be followed by tastings. Accommodations include a mountain chalet, local hotels, and even a 12th century castle!  Meals will be eaten at the chalet, in hosted French homes, as well as several restaurant outings and mountain picnics.

Hike through green mountain pastures while coy French Abondance cows look on. Eat a rustic lunch in a traditional restaurant d’ouvrier, a humble working persons restaurant serving a fantastic 4 course meal. Dine at a gourmet restaurant and enjoy sophisticated French cuisine. Visit a beautiful medieval village situated on the shores of Lake Geneva. Sip cold spring waters from the famous Evian fountains.  Be invited into a French farmhouse for a home-cooked meal and charming and exciting company. Join French farmers over a glass of wine and taste the fruits and vegetables of their labor.

Price for the trip is $2450 based on double occupancy.  Please add $500 for a single room.  Price includes accommodations, transportation within France, most meals, and all tours and tastings.  Airfare and alcohol not included.  Not suitable for people who cannot eat dairy or gluten.  Not recommended for vegetarians.  Must be ready for long days with rigorous schedule and be in good physical shape.  Please arrive at the Geneva airport on Friday, July 14th.


For more information and to reserve a spot please email  aaron@saveurthejourney.com