Photos and Testimonials

“I had the time of my life! Aaron has lived and worked in this part of France and has maintained those personal and professional connections…all of which contributed to the unique authenticity of the journey. We were hosted to meals in the intimate setting of people’s homes, “off the beaten track” restaurants, picnics in the foothills of the Alps, and fondue set outdoors on a luminous summer evening. We met the cows that made the cheeses we ate, hiked a trail with cowbell “music” sounding in the distance, and enjoyed a clear view of Mont Blanc. We visited local food artisans and tasted the fruits of their life-long passions. I ate new and familiar foods and savored each and every one, in part because they came infused with the respect and love of those who made them.

Amidst these incredible group food and dining experiences, there was also time for more personal solitude that is valued by me, and perhaps others. Quiet time alongside an Alpine stream, morning swim in Lac Leman, meditation in an old church, strolls through Thonon-les-Bains and Yvoire, quiet and not-so-quiet conversations and gatherings with new friends, and a little sip of Armagnac to end each day.

I would recommend this trip to anyone seeking an authentic engaged experience of Haute Savoie, and the lovely food, water, geography, culture and people produced in this part of France.  I cannot speak highly enough of Aaron…he is fun, smart, insightful, a good problem-solver, fluent in French and the ways of Haute Savoie, tells great stories, and brings a rich educational and professional background to his work. I would go again anytime!”

-Martha Haylor, Victoria BC


“Cheese! Wine! Crusty bread and saucisson! Alpine views! Friendly French people! Did I mention cheese? These are a few of the reasons travelling with Aaron and Saveur the Journey was such a delight. Our tour was a deep dive into the food culture of the Haute-Savoie with a visit to a boucherie, a boulangerie, a charcuterie, a foie gras producer, a fromagerie and a patisserie where the artisanal producers shared their passion and expertise as well as their products. Our small compatible group of travelers enjoyed meals in private homes and gardens or at unique establishments off the beaten track. Aaron’s relaxed manner and intimate knowledge of the people and food culture of the area made for a unique experience. His love for the people and their way of life was infectious.  I particularly appreciated the mix of lodgings including stays in an Alps ski lodge, a charming hillside chambre d’hote, and even a stately chateau on the shores of Lac Leman. When we weren’t eating or learning from one of the food producers, we were hiking and picnicking on Mont Forchat or swimming in the lake or sampling the famous Evian water. It was truly an extraordinary adventure.”

-Marilyn Henderson, Corvallis OR