Saveur the Journey’s Plan for Combating Climate Change

At Saveur the Journey we are committed to combating climate change. Since many of our trips require airline travel, which contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, we have decided to help offset those emissions by donating money to organizations that are actively fighting climate change. Saveur the Journey has enlisted the help of climatologist, Logan Mitchell of Utah Clean Energy, to serve as an advisor on the actions of Saveur the Journey and the most effective ways to combat climate change.

While purchasing “carbon offsets” is an easy and popular choice, it may not be the most effective solution, though it is likely part of the solution. Saveur the Journey has chosen to support the Environmental Defense Fund because of their science-based approach and commitment to protecting the environment. The EDF works through various different methods, including protecting land and species by incentivizing landowners to protect them, uncovering energy savings and cutting emissions for companies, crafting sustainable ways to grow food and protect water, creating coastal communities and oceans that thrive.

The latest greenhouse gas calculators for flights are used to determine how much each client on a Saveur the Journey trip is contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. Experts say that a donation of $30 mitigates the carbon produced by one round-trip US–Europe flight. Saveur the Journey will then donate that dollar amount for each client to the Environmental Defense Fund.