Saveur the Journey is an experiential learning program specializing in culinary and cultural tours in France, Sweden, and the USA. Our connections with farmers, winemakers, chefs, and food artisans allow for exclusive experiences in traditional food production.

The author with the summer Alps in the background

Enjoying a fall hike with the Alps in the background

As a trained anthropologist I have been fortunate enough to live abroad in some fantastic places. France seduced me the first time I visited and I made it a priority to spend more time there and indulge in its culinary and cultural delights. While teaching English in a French culinary school I was also able to work and live on an organic vegetable farm in a small French village. I cultivated many friendships with all kinds of people, but especially with artisan food producers as my culinary curiosity led to short internships and stages. My fluency in French and a love of food and cooking gave me a “backstage pass” into many bakeries, butcher shops, farms, cheesemakers, and other food producers and farmers.

JokkmokkWinter2014 024

Reindeer circle in a corral near Jokkmokk

Saveur the Journey is about sharing the wonderful experiences I have had in France, Switzerland, Sweden and the US. My unique perspective and position allows me to introduce others to an experience that differs from other tourist companies.

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